Project Development

The Prive’ Hotels Group’s experience reaches all types of hospitality properties. Our team is comprised of professionals who have worked with many of the international hotel groups in executive and corporate positions. The combination of industry expertise and networking empowers Prive’ Hotels Group to fulfill its mission to provide the most updated services to our partners and clients

Planning & Branding

▪ Review and discuss land use of master plan

▪ Concept development

▪ Products and services definition

▪ Architectural design concepts

▪ Define the project’s long term financial objectives

▪ Define service standards and expectations

▪ Identify restaurants, bars, lounges, multi-function flexible space catering and conference facilities

▪ Develop Food & Beverage concepts and strategies

Construction Oversight

▪ Cooperate with the Architect, oversee and monitor the progress of the construction. Attend regular construction meetings and provide input as appropriate.

▪ Assist with identifying interior design, landscape architect, general contractor, furniture, fixtures and equipment

Architecture & Interior Design

▪ Consult with Architect on design of guest rooms and suites

▪ Public space design

▪ Food and Beverage outlets, kitchens and all support areas (both front and back-of-the house)

▪ Storage and administration

▪ Recreational areas, amenities, etc

▪ Property access and parking, possible special transportation needs, entrance – sense of arrival.

▪ Interior design