We provide operational assistance to all hotel departments including:

▪ Front Office 

▪ Housekeeping 

▪ Sales & Marketing 

▪ Reservations 

▪ Food & Beverage Operations 

▪ Restaurant & Bar Design 

▪ Property Management System - PMS 

▪ Human Resource Training & Development 

▪ Pre/Post Opening Planning

We accommodate your concerns on:

▪ How to manage and run profitable Hotel / Resort 

▪ How to create name & branding of your hotel  

▪ How to solve management systems’ inefficiencies 

▪ How to recruit and hire key management personnel 

▪ How to establish an operating criteria and desired service standards 

▪ How to train and develop program and schedule for all human capital 

▪ How to develop pre-opening criteria path 

▪ How to identify and implement global distribution reservations systems and affiliates


We begin each new hospitality project, whether existing or to be developed, by researching its market position and potential, developing a “site analysis” that reviews location, access, area development, available markets, and anticipated demand. 

Our approach

▪ Market research

▪ Competitive analysis

▪ Positioning strategy

▪ Pre-opening marketing plan

▪ Post-opening marketing plan

▪ Public Relations support

We, Property Management

▪ Market research

▪ Competitive analysis

▪ Positioning strategy

▪ Building Management

▪ Leasing program

▪ Public Relations support

▪ Facilities and Operation Audits

▪ Pre-Management Consultancy