The hospitality industry is an art even though it is very competitive industry between the hoteliers and through an unpredicted and uncertain economic time

We, The Prive’ Hotels Group assure you the art come with your Return on Investment. Building hotels and resorts is an adventure with high revenue & high risk. It can be a smart investment if the developer/ owner chooses the right hotel operator for the right direction to the right product at the right market with a right team. An outstanding success for hotel business is achievable if you have the right strategy and the right team. We, The Prive’ Hotels Group is one of top Hospitality Consultants in Vietnam, understand the need of local owners/ hotel developers and will make your properties profitable and manageable with high Return on Investment

Our specialists who have been working in the international hotel industry, we work to reward you with insights and solutions, to assist you in financial decisions and generate profits

25 years experience with international hotel brands, we understand the market challenges and have the right strategy for every situation

Our services are most efficient with “Total Quality Management" and generating the most revenue for developers

We, The Prive’ Hotels Group look forward to being at your services

Your success is our core business


Ngoc Nguyen

Founder & Hotel Specialist